Tristan Pellettier – Re/Max Hallmark Realty

tp-headshotTristan Pellettier is a real estate agent that served in the military for 9 years before retiring to Ottawa. It was after his service that he participated in the Pitch101 program through POE, a project sponsored by Prince’s Charities Canada and Enactus Dalhousie. Here is what he has to say about the program:

“During my career, I was always passionate about Real Estate. Every hard earned dollar I made in the military, I swore to make it worthwhile for the rest of my life. I’m proud to say I’ve acquired four properties in the Ottawa area. Since I’ve always enjoyed serving others, I can now serve those who would like to buy/sell their homes in the Ottawa Area. I’ve also joined an organization called VETS Canada. Our goal is to helps homeless Veterans get back on their feet, by pointing them in the right direction for available programs, if they decide to do so.

For me, Pitch 101 was great. It was interesting to see myself fail the first time I [presented] because I’m usually a confident public speaker (this was before our lesson). But when the instructor, Bob, asked me to go for it, all of my ideas, and what I wanted to say, was all over the place.

Once we had the lesson, I can say with confidence, that my performance the second time around was drastically better. I do refer back to my notes from POE Pitch 101 lesson, in order to get myself refreshed on what I’d like to deliver as a message to potential clients. In my world, everyone I meet can be a potential client. When people ask me about the market, I need to deliver my points in a professional matter, my window of opportunity is minimal, considering there are about 3,000 agents in Ottawa.”