Tobi Babalola – Security Gaze

Tobi Babalola is the visionary leader behind tb-headshotSecurity Gaze, an app that allows users to report crimes and view crime locations via GPS and geolocation. With Security Gaze, people will have the tools to share information about concerning behaviours and report safety hazards directly to the police force. Security Gaze’s goal with this app is to create is a meaningful way for the community to be proactive and work hand in hand with the law enforcement. It’s scheduled to be launched in August, 2016.

“I enrolled in pitch 101 in 2014, at Cape Breton University. I decided to go through the Pitch101 program, because I felt it presented me with the unique opportunity to share and pitch my business idea to fellow upcoming and experienced entrepreneurs who share the same passion for the startup world.

The most important thing Pitch101 has taught me is that investors are more interested in the entrepreneur than the product I was presenting. An entrepreneur’s ability to weather the storms will determine whether or not a startup succeeds.

I believe learning how to pitch a business idea is extremely valuable, improving your presentation skills is something that won’t only benefit you in the business world but also in your day to day activity. Pitch101 helped me get out of that ‘shy-shell’. I would definitely recommend Pitch101 to aspiring entrepreneurs.”