Tapiwa Rabwi – ShovelEn


Tapiwa is a fourth year student at Enactus Saint Mary’s who took the Pitch101 program with his Enactus team last year. He has successfully been running his business, ShovelEn, for over a year now.

“The company was started after assessing that the was a huge professionalism disconnect between those who provided services and who needed services for their homes provided. My company is focused mostly on the small freelance trades people that have vast skill sets but the main one they lack is actually getting the contracts from the clients and then keeping up with the business administration. ShovelEn goes out and secures the contracts and jobs for the trades persons so they can focus on just doing the job. The main focus is that we run an environmentally conscious property maintenanctr-headshote company that helps fill the gap between major contractors and and the plumber next door. We hep by providing the vendors who use our uber like model to bid for jobs a hand up not a hand out by providing this opportunity for them.

From my experience at Picth101 i was able to develop my value proposition and get some very needed insight into how investors look at companies and that a clear vision for the company was essential.”