Ross Arsenault – OPtions International

ra-headshotRoss Arsenault participated in Pitch101 at Saint Mary’s University. He is currently serving as President of Enactus Saint Mary’s and became a professional-level pitcher of their project OPtions International. Here’s what he has to say about the program:

“I went through Pitch 101 last year, and pitched the Enactus Saint Mary’s project, OPtions International. OPtions International trains women and disadvantaged groups in developing countries around the world on how to leverage entrepreneurship to better their lives. To date, OPtions International has:
– Trained artisans in Peru on how to market and sell their handmade accessories,
– Co-consulted (with local students) on sustainable practices for fishermen in a rural villages,
– Helped women in Kenya create a social enterprise making and selling reusable feminine hygiene products.

Pitch 101 helped me see the importance of how to structure ideas to get the greatest buy-in from your listener; without capturing the interest of your audience, you can never truly get your message across. By using only 60 seconds, Pitch 101 taught me what information needs to be said upfront, and what information can be explained later-on. Whether your audience is an investor, a professor, an employer, or a friend, Pitch 101 can teach you the right mindset to have when framing your ideas before you vocalize them.”