The PitchCamp Solution

Provide participants with proven and effective skills for planning and delivering effective pitches and proposals to industry partners or funders. Whether they are experienced faculty, researchers, executives, team members they’ll always be able to refer to their coaching takeaways including:

  • 7 Keys to perfecting your pitch/proposal (Pain, Solution, Market, Competition, Team, Traction & the Ask)
  • Sell your expertise to industrial partners and companies the way they need to understand it
  • Focus on opportunities to “pipeline” your ideas with partners, funders and customers going forward
  • Be more comfortable public speaking by facing your fears/challenges
  • Clearly defined steps to building a clear and concise pitch and/or proposal “everytime”
  • Bottom line… Your ideas are more clearly understood by your audience resulting in greater support and maximized opportunities for growth.


PitchCamp is delivered in both half-day 4 hour or full-day 8 hour hands-on experiential workshops – as well as NEW webinar series – where participants will be challenged to think outside the box as they achieve the impossible- effectively explain their idea in a clear and concise fashion in one minute. The full-day workshop is designed to provide more time with groups of 13 or more participants. Participants get to pitch their idea at the start and at the end of the workshops. All participants will have the option to be video taped to analyze their before and after pitches with the coaching staff, links to the pitches are made available to participants.

Participants get to interact together while working on challenges like overcoming public speaking, knowing your audience’s needs, the difference between telling your audience what you want to tell them versus what they really need/want to hear. And the program deliverables are continually honed so participants leave with the ability to clearly and concisely deliver their message to any audience in one minute. It’s a life-long skill they can use everyday when speaking or writing proposals and one that will allow them to garner support for their idea sooner than later. Participants also receive 3 months of online support with our coaching staff.

The workshops are delivered by experienced entrepreneurs including the founder of the Pitch101 and PitchCamp programs Bob Williamson. The workshops can be pre-tailored to the specific requirements of the participants.


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