February 22, 2017

Corner Brook

It was an exciting week at Corner Brooke, NL! We would like to extend a uge congratulations to the following winners: Day 1: 1st place:  Janice Wellon 2nd place:  Denna Newman 3rd place:  Grant Penney Day 2: 1st place:  Kayla Walsh 2nd: Jeanie Hann 3rd: Laura Casey Foss
Thursday, February 16, Competition Janice Wellon (1stPlace) Grant Penney (2ndPlace) Denna Newman (3rdPlace) Jaimie Maloney Vickie Newman Amanda Rumboldt Thursday, February 16, Workshop Participants Jaimie Maloney Denna Newman Vickie O’Neil Jamie Simmons Grant Penney Janice Wellon Melissa Woods Amanda Rumboldt   Friday, February 17,  Competition Kayla Walsh (1stPlace) Jeanie Hann (2ndPlace) Laura Casey Foss (3rdPlace) Mark Tierney Analia Kim Christopher Shears Roy Evans Sam Hampton Jerry Lyver Erica Park Matthew Connolly Wendy Parsons Margie Lewis