Natasha Wagg – Arbonne Independent Consultant

Natasha Wagg was one our first clients to take part in our first ever BETA trial of the Pitch101/PitchCamp webinar training series, on March 15th, 2018. We asked her to give us insight into her experience.
“I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant  and I’ve had no problem sharing the products with clients and potential clients, but sharing the business opportunity has always been difficult for me.  I tended to stumble over my words, talk too much and confuse people.  I did not appear  or feel confident in what I was saying. You need confidence to pitch a business opportunity and sometimes just having a solid foundation to speak from helps give you that level of confidence.  This webinar was a great way for me to gain a level of confidence with pitching my business to potential partners. The lessons we learned in this course gave me a solid foundation to be able to speak to the important points of my business to partners.  Even if I don’t feel fully comfortable in a situation, having a ‘recipe’ of the best way to structure my points helps tremendously in building confidence.  The course was well laid out and provided the opportunity to collaborate, get feedback and share ideas.  The examples given by the instructor were easy to understand and apply to my own situation. I learned quite a bit about pitching and its importance in this course and am actively incorporating the lessons learned into my business and everyday life.”