Lisa Walsh – Indigena Skin Care

Indigena Skincare

Lisa Walsh is the owner and founder of Indigena Skincare located in Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Indigena uses botanical plant species that have the highest antioxidants of their kind on the planet to produce high-end skincare products that will provide users with clear, calm skin no matter the user’s age. After being through the Pitch101 program twice, here is what Lisa has to say about Pitch101:

“I have done some other training on pitching I preferred Pitch101’s teaching style and group work; it makes it all more human and fun. It did help me develop my pitch style by learning through other “pitchers”.

I find that Pitch101 is extremely useful as it presents a more confident, competent entrepreneur. The more you pitch the better you get at presenting yourself clearly and briefly. No one has time to listen to a pitch for too long, which is why I believe that Pitch101 is a valuable tool for all aspiring entrepreneurs!”