Hannah Stegen – Juice From the Roots

Hannah took the Pitch101 competition hs-headshotat Mount Allison University in the Spring of 2015. Her business was a locally sourced juice company called Juice From the Roots. Here is how the Pitch101 program benefited her.

“Before this event I had never given a pitch in a competition or to potential investors. Through Pitch101 I was given this opportunity, as well as a very useful day of training on how to make an impactful and successful pitch. A minute is not a long amount of time, but we were taught how to include exactly the right information to hook in investors and give them enough information to spark their interests. One thing I really appreciated about the event is the panel of judges was made up of business professionals from several fields and they all provided very constructive feedback to further help me improve my pitch.

The skills I have taken away from my experience with Pitch101 have been very valuable and I use them in my everyday life. Specifically, I constantly find myself referring back to a key piece of advice given: Keep It Simple Stupid. Also, from the skills I gained I have continued on to deliver successful pitches and even win at another pitch competition. At the event, I became very close friends with other entrepreneurs who I still keep in contact with to share ideas and help grow our businesses. I am grateful for the opportunity and support given by Pitch101 and I recommend any entrepreneur at any stage of their business to participate.”