What is Pitch101 and PitchCamp?

PitchCamp is a program tailored to develop your proposal and pitching skills, build confidence in your delivery, and help you express your ideas in a clear and concise fashion. Over 950 participants, with minimal pitching skills, have successfully gone through the program. They now have the ability to present concise and effective pitches. Whether you are a student looking to gain presentation skills, a team member at the office, or an entrepreneur seeking investment, learning the art of pitching can help you get support for your idea at any stage.

Who takes these Pitch Programs?graph-part-by-profile

Responses from our recent survey of pitchers show 47% of them are students, which says there is a high demand for the program amongst university students. Pitching skills are not limited to entrepreneurs seeking investments; in fact the acquired skills can be applied during presentations, job interviews and various other sales positions.


The survey showed that 46% of our participants have been through the program more than once, which indicates the need for further skill development. This is why Pitch201 is an important program and can be a very valuable tool for entrepreneurs.


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