“The initial pitch to investors is an appetizer, not the entire meal.”
Michael Burcham


  • “Pitch 101 is extremely valuable to companies like Fundmetric because it provides us both a forum to practice pitching but also a customized framework to learn the key elements of a pitch, identify knowledge gaps and learn in a constructive environment. Learning how to pitch using the the Pitch 101 program is important because it is transferable knowledge helping grow my business and communicate in other areas of life.

    Pitch 101 mentorship connected me quickly with people who could provide guidance and help me build a much more efficient business. Speed is so important in the marketplace and Pitch 101 mentorship can help young entrepreneurs accelerate faster and be ready to compete on a global stage.”
    -Mark Hobbs

  • “The Pitch101 program should be a course at Mount Saint Vincent University. It gave me the confidence to take my idea and stand up in front of an audience and explain it the best way I could. Bob made that possible. Without his tips, reassurance, and support I would not have been able to feel that I put my best foot forward.”

    – Emily Leet

  • “I strongly recommend the experience I have had with Pitch 101 to any and all young entrepreneurs who are serious about their business ideas and goals. In learning to pitch under pressure and under a time limit, you learn to communicate your business endeavour in a professional and timely fashion to the right people. You also learn and are confronted with constructive criticism regarding financial and operational elements of your plan. Each time you take part in pitch competitions, you revisit seemingly small details and gain progress towards a well oiled machine in your idea. Bob and the other members of Pitch 101 are always helpful to endorse, assist, mentor, and inspire you toward confidence in your start-up.”

    -Daniel Arsenault

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